VW Car Brand Turned Into a Custom Mecha Car Robot

VW Car Brand Turned Into a Custom Mecha Car Robot, makeowncartoon.com – VW Car Brand Turned Into a Custom Mecha Car Robot is  A custom mecha car robot based on the VW car brand could be a fun and unique idea for a model kit or collectable item. The concept would involve transforming a VW car into a robot, incorporating the iconic design elements and features of the car brand into the robot form. Fans of both mecha and car culture could appreciate such a creation, and it could make a great display piece for a room or office. The final product could be made from plastic or other materials and assembled as a kit, or pre-assembled and ready for display.

VW Car Brand Turned Into a Custom Mecha Car Robot by makeowncartoon.com

Creating a cartoon mecha robot car involves a combination of illustration, animation, and design skills. Here are the basic steps to create a cartoon mecha robot car

  1. Determine the Design: Determine the design of the cartoon mecha robot car. Draw rough sketches or use digital tools to explore different design options.
  2. Refine the Design: Refine the design of the cartoon mecha robot car by making detailed sketches and adding shading, colour, and other details. Consider the angles and perspectives from which the mecha robot car will be viewed in the final product.
  3. Animate the Movements: Animate the movements of the cartoon mecha robot car by adding keyframes and rigging the model. This will allow you to control the movements of the mecha robot car in the final animation.
  4. Render the Final Animation: Render the final animation of the cartoon mecha robot car. This will generate the final images or video that will be used in the final product.
  5. Edit and Finalize: Edit and finalize the animation by adding titles, credits, and any other final touches.

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PRICE GUIDE (Prices Include Discounts)

Category :

  1. Car  – $20 per car
  2.  Robot – $50 per robot
  3. Car & Robot – $65 per both

Available Background Options – Free
Real Background – $25
Custom Background – $40

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How to order?

  1. Open the linked site makeowncartoon.com
  2. And specify the theme you want.
  3. Select the number of people/pets to include.
  4. Choose half-body or full-body.
  5. Add any notes for our artists to follow (describe clothes, backgrounds, and faces).
  6. Upload up to 10 images.

Lets to try, good luck!

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